marzo 15, 2015

Haz todo lo que Él te diga que hagas… – por Kenneth Copeland

Of all the secrets to success that have been invented, there is one that clearly surpasses them. It can make you thrive when the world economy is in trouble. You can stay safe in the most dangerous places. If you decide to live according to this secret, not only will protect, improve and will guide you in every situation; This will allow you to consistently live a supernatural life.

Where can you find this secret so powerful?

It is actually revealed through the Bible. But personally I think it was Mary, the mother of Jesus, who summed it up in the most concise way. At the wedding of Canan, after informing Jesus the party hosts had run out of wine, she told the servants of the house these seven words: “Do whatever he tells you” (John 2 :5).

These are without a doubt some of the wisest words ever have spoken. When the servants at the wedding acted according to these words, they moved from the natural world to the supernatural God’s plan. They obeyed the command of Jesus and filled the jars with water. He changed the water into wine and transformed a disastrous situation into a divine success.

“Yes, I know” you might say. “Those are the kind of things always happen in the Bible when Jesus is involved in a situation. Only I can not find a way that I pass it to me. ”

It is very easy: Do what I tell you to do.

That is the key to making Jesus manifest Himself and unleash the power of God – at any time, place, and in any area of ​​your life. Jesus himself confirmed it. In John 14:21, He said, “Whoever has my commands and obeys them, he it is who loves me; He who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I will love him and show myself to him. ”

If you still have not, you should emphasize that verse in your Bible. Draw small stars around it. Highlight it as is because it is extremely important and you need to pay attention.

Most Christians do not. They’re just trying to figure out on their own strength how to make Jesus are revealed. They are crying, fasting, lying on the floor, begging him to move in the midst of their circumstances, families, finances and churches.

They do it with sincerity. And yet nothing happens, because Jesus did not say, “I will manifest Myself to the person who cries more”; He said, “I will manifest Myself to those who spend more time without eating.”

He said: “Whoever has my commands and obeys them … I will love him and show myself to him.”


God has a plan that includes your name

And how exactly do you do to keep and obey the commandments of Jesus?

You do it by putting His Word first place in your life and make it your final authority. You do it all the time to hear what He is telling you in the scriptures and in your spirit, continuously ask about everything in your life and to obey every command you give thee.

You could say, “But Brother Copeland, I do not have time for that. I have so many other things to do. ”

No, you must reverse that order. You should not have time for anything else until you have not consulted with the Lord. If you have not asked you, you’re doing things certainly are taking you in the wrong direction. You can be working in the wrong job, living in the wrong place and the wrong devising plans. You may be doing what makes sense for you, in the natural.

You’re not supposed believers to live that way! That is the way in which the world’s people live – and if you live as the world lives, you get the results of the world. For -the results of God- supernatural results, you have to find out what your plan.

I want you to know that He has a plan for you. He has one for every believer. The Bible leaves no doubt about it. He says: “We are His workmanship [their work]; recreated in Christ Jesus (born again) so that we may do those good works which God predestined (planned beforehand) for us [taking paths which He prepared in advance], that we should walk in them [living the good life he enlisted predestined and that we might live] “(Ephesians 2:10, Amplified Bible).

It also says in 1 Corinthians 12:18 that God has placed us each of us in the Body of Christ “where it seemed best”. That means that God has a place on Earth and in the Body of Christ with your name, and that is the place where you belong. You do not belong anywhere else in the universe; only there.

I’m not saying that God wants you to always stay in the same place all your life. I am saying that your place is anywhere that He tells you. My place, for example, is the ministry and asked all the time where you want to preach. Maybe one day I say London, Venezuela a few days later and Chicago the next day. If you do, I’m on my way because I know that if I go where He sends me, that’s where I belong. And what I do then prosper, because He delights in the welfare of his servant (Psalm 35:27).


Activities are supernatural realm

This is the way in which the kingdom of God works – not just for preachers, but for every believer.

No matter if you’re pastoring a church, or attending a lemonade; whatever you’re called to do qualifies as a celestial activity. And as the activities of the kingdom are supernatural, the key to success is always to do what Jesus tells you to do.

If He wants you to put up a lemonade stand, you have a reason to do it and how you want it done. You may want to encroach on the market successfully and lemonades des million expansion of the gospel to him. You may be planning to send the next president of your country to buy a glass of lemonade so that you can pray for him, bless and change the future of the nation.

Sadly, most Christians were not raised to think that way. They grew up listening to: “Dear, you can be anything you want”.

Do not! Definitely not in the kingdom of God. If you are in His kingdom, He already has a plan for you. The plan is designed for where your church is located. This is where your protection is. This is where your prosperity is. That’s the plan BLESSING.

Get out of that plan BLESSING and do things your way is like get out of the highway to walk on a dirt road. Instead of going at a constant speed of 100 or 110 kilometers per hour, transitarás grievously pothole to pothole. You will handle through that little town called “disease” valley “Bankruptcy” and the city “Nobody loves me”. You’ll find yourself writing songs style “country” about regrets, disappointments and sorrows.


Because you’re out of place. You are on the wrong path.

“But Brother Copeland, what if the correct path-where God wants me to Timbuktu Vaya- leads or other unknown place, far away?”

What if it is? How do you know that Timbuktu will not like? If your place is in Timbuktu, there is where your prosperity. It may look like the poorest place on earth, but God can send you to that place and get rich. He can become a great blessing that the area will flourish economically as a result, making everyone start calling it “The Garden of Eden Timbuktu!”

“Well, I do not think that’s possible,” you might say. “I do not have that kind of faith.”

Then start listening to God. His words are full of faith. For this reason, Romans 10:17 says, “So faith comes from hearing, and hearing from the word of God .” Every word that God speaks, whether in the Bible or by His Spirit within you, it is a container of faith. When he gives you an order, Your order has been in the faith you need to obey it . The order itself authorizes you and gives you power to do what God is telling you to do.

But you should hear what he is saying. You have to spend time with Him, reading and meditating on His written Word and communing with Him in prayer.

I personally spoke to God all day. It is easy to do; after all, He lives inside of me. I abide in Him and He abides in me. So it makes sense to provide me with him during the course of the day asking about what he wants to do and how you want it to.

“Well, that sounds like a great way to live, Brother Copeland, but the Lord did not speak to me as it does you.”

It certainly does, He is not an absent father. He speaks to you constantly. The truth is that speaks to everyone. If this were not so, Jesus would not have said: “Look! I’m already at the door, and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will enter his house and dine with him, and he will dine with me. ” (Revelation 3:20 PDT).

According to this verse, one can hear the voice of God because He is talking all the time, not with an audible voice from the sky that can be heard with our physical ears, but with a voice that can be heard inside the person in the spirit.

If people are not listening to God within, even if he spoke to them in an audible voice would help them. The men of the New Testament are the proof of what I’m saying. When they were with Jesus and God spoke from heaven with a loud voice, they heard the sound but did not understand what he said. Just they thought it thundered (John 12:29).


When God said, run!

This sort of thing happens all the time; the September 11, 2001, for example, God spoke to everyone in the World Trade Center – to each of them. But they did not listen or understand what he was saying. If they had, the towers of the World Trade Center that day had been empty.

Gloria and I have a personal friend who pastors a wonderful church on Wall Street, not far from Ground Zero . Many of the people in his congregation worked in the World Trade Center . During the pre 9/11 weeks, he had been teaching about the protective power of the Blood of Jesus and how to hear the voice of God.

He was not teaching on these topics because God had spoken about the terrorist attack. The only was following God’s plan, doing what Jesus told him to do, and the same to the people of his church. As a result, not a single person in his congregation was wounded.

One morning that was about to cross the doors of the World Trade Center when he heard God say, Run! So I ran to the corner and went down to the basement. Another was the way to work when he decided to take his daughter to breakfast instead of leaving it at school. She and I did not spend much quality time together , he thought. And although almost never late to work, that particular morning was late because he had decided to spend extra time with her ​​daughter. It is supposed to listen to Jesus and do anything you ask us. That’s the key to being protected, directed and prospered all the time.

I remembered this in very vivid way a few months ago when I went to preach to Maracaibo, Venezuela. The pastor of the church there was driving to meet us at the airport and decided to first stop at the bank. When he did, two men approached him and his son; they put a gun to his head, tied and covered with hoods. They intended to abduct and rob him of his new truck.

Now, this pastor is a very brave man of God. He has been doing in Venezuela what Jesus told him to do for several years and God has blessed. His church has grown and affected all of Latin America. So I was not worried. The only he began to apply the Blood of Jesus and forgive these men.

The kidnappers took them to an abandoned building to kill them. All the time the pastor was kept declaring word of faith and love on them. Suddenly, he and his son heard a woman’s voice telling the kidnappers: “It is better to think about what they are doing. This is a man of God and helps a lot of people here. It is better to be left alone. ”

When the kidnappers heard that, they huddled and talked among themselves. Then untied and released. his truck was stolen, but he has so much favor with the police they quickly found and returned it.

The truth is that not even bother to tell me about the incident. I found out what had happened the next day at the church when he narrated what happened to the whole congregation. ¿ This happened yesterday? I thought. Did they kidnapped?

                  The words were continued by saying: “I am in God’s plan and have not finished! Nobody can kill me! That is not the plan of God! ”

My friend, this is the supernatural life, and is a wonderful way to live!

So continuing with the program. Decide what God called you to do is what you really are, and that is what is supposed to be doing: It’s supposed to be good at it, and you succeed. It is supposed to be healthy, prosperous and powerful.

God has no small plans. His plan for you is great and perfect in its entirety. Find out what that plan. Be still and listen to it every day. And do whatever He tells you to do. V